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Terms & Conditions

Member of the Property Care Association

01. On receiving instruction from the client, we will arrange to inspect the property at the earliest convenient time.

02. We will carry out the client’s instructions which will be confirmed and where applicable in writing either by post or by email.

03. Our survey will be of a non-destructive nature and will not include moving furniture, lifting and re-fitting carpets etc., etc. Our client should arrange for this to be undertaken prior to our arrival on site, if required. This will apply mainly to timber sub-floor inspection. However, if a survey which includes exposing sub-floor areas and built-in timbers is required, please confirm this in writing together with authority from the vendor (if applicable). An additional fee may be required for such a survey.

04. We will inspect the property with due diligence and professional integrity.

05. In the case of damp, our external inspection will be from ground level. Ladders will not be used externally without prior agreement and then to a maximum of 03M high.

An internal inspection will be carried out using all appropriate surveyors equipment and if a loose floor board is found, we will be pleased to lift the floor board for further inspection. We cannot be responsible for reinstatement and the client will be advised to engage a competent tradesman to make the final fitment.

06. Where cavity wall-ties inspection is required, we will provide a ladder of no more that 03M high. If further inspections are required, this must be disclosed at the time of the enquiry. If additional access equipment is required, this must be disclosed prior to the site visit and arrangements will be agreed regarding cost and logistics.

07. Wall-tie surveys will in the case of a whole house will include at least two endoscope inspections within the cavity walls and more will be carried out if it is appropriate. Permission must be obtained from the Vendor (if appropriate), before the date of inspection.

08. Inaccessible areas ie. roof coverings, chimney stacks and rainwater goods where additional defects are considered to be either present or possible, will be highlighted as requiring further exposure work within the report.

09. Our report is for our client’s use only and whilst it may be shown to professional advisors acting on our client’s behalf, the contents are not to be used by a third party without the expressed permission of Rodney Wyatt Associates. Without such consent, Rodney Wyatt Associates will not accept any liability to a third party. Please contact us if you require more details regarding limitations.

10 The report is private and confidential to the recipient and whilst it may be shown to your professional advisers and agents acting on your behalf, the contents are not to be used by any third party without the permission of Rodney Wyatt Associates. Rodney Wyatt Associates and it’s representatives accept no liability to any third party who may seek to rely on the whole or part of the report.The findings and recommendations are based on the condition of the areas inspected at the time of the visit to the property and whilst care will be taken during the inspection to establish possible or actual defects, there is always a risk that the defects to existing work and additional damp associated problems may not become apparent until exposure works have been carried out. Rodney Wyatt Associates and it’s representatives cannot accept liability for conditions of areas not reasonably accessible for inspection at the time of the visit to the property. This report is not a structural survey and should not be construed as such. The inspection is specific to the client’s instructions as set out within the report.The scope and content of the inspection will be recorded within the report. If you feel that the report has not met with your requirements, please contact the office immediately.The observations and recommendation within the report are provided as a guide only and whilst the recommendations for remedial repair work are our professional responsibility, Rodney Wyatt Associates and it’s representatives will not accept liability for installation performance or system failure as a result of inappropriate or less than adequate workmanship.

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